About Oxbridge Blues Jewellery

Oxbridge Blues Jewellery has been designed to enable female athletes to celebrate their extraordinary achievement. The intention of the range is to help the elite female athletes of Oxbridge to gain the recognition that they deserve. The concept was the brainchild of former Cambridge Blue Laura Davidson. When she won her first Half Blue she was excited about celebrating her achievement, only to discover that the only Blues items available to purchase were for men. The male Blues had blazers, ties, cummerbands, and cricket jumpers. They could wear cufflinks and ties to interviews and gain a subtle but distinct advantage over other interviewees. Laura thought that it was a pity that a jewellery range for women did not exist. She went on to win further Blues (modern pentathlon and fencing), but was disappointed that women were unable to celebrate and receive recognition for their sporting prowess in the same way that men could.

After graduating from Cambridge, Laura started work in London as a barrister. However, the idea of helping to promote and enhance women's sport at Cambridge and at Oxford (her previous University) remained. She contacted the various Presidents of the Blues committees and the Ospreys and Atalantas at the two Universities, and positive feedback persuaded her to press forward with the concept.

Laura's journey during the creation of the Oxbridge Blues jewellery range took her on numerous trips to India where she had previously worked as a volunteer. She designed the range herself and had various samples made. She decided on eight key items for the range, with one special item. Oxbridge Blues Jewellery is made from high quality 92.5% silver with turquoise, lapis lazuli and pearls. Laura wanted the range to be instantly recognisable to those 'in the know' at both Cambridge and Oxford, but to be sufficiently discreet to be worn after graduation from Cambridge (including at interviews to give the women equivalent advantage to men). Consequently she kept the design the same for Cambridge and Oxford, with selected semi-precious stones inset in the jewellery to reflect the colour of each of the Universities. In addition to the design of the jewellery, Laura was very particular about the packaging, and the boxes are made by the company which supplies boxes to Harrods.

Developing the concept was a steep learning curve, but finally three years after her exploratory trip to India the range was launched at a Blues awards ceremony at Cambridge in the Cambridge Union, organised by the Ospreys (for the Ospreys' website, click here http://www.ospreys-cambridge.com/). The current students were delighted, and Oxbridge Blues Jewellery was an instant hit.

After much anticipation, the Oxford range was launched in the spring of 2012 at the first Oxford Women's Blues Presentation awards ceremony, organised by the Atalanta's, where it was extremely well received (for the Atalanta's Society website, click here http://www.atalantas.org/). In the same year as the announcement that finally the women's rowers would be joining their male counterparts on the Thames for the annual Oxford v Cambridge Boatrace, it is to be hoped that the Oxbridge Blues Jewellery range will help to continue to enhance women's sporting achievements.

Laura feels sure that only someone who was a Blue themselves who understood the amount of training and hard work and the great achievement it was to represent the University in sport would have designed both the jewellery and the packaging with such care. Further, with only around 150 new Blues each year the market was too small to be viable as a stand-alone business.

However, Laura was passionate about helping female athletes at Oxbridge to gain the recognition they deserved. She has created items which she hopes will reflect the achievement of being a Blue - an achievement which earns the athlete the right to wear the jewellery as a badge of honour.

She hopes you like your Oxbridge Blues Jewellery. Wear it with pride!

Oxbridge Blues Jewellery has been featured in "Jesuan News - Spring 2011" magazine (see p. 8).
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Oxbridge Blues Jewellery has been featured in "Trinity Hall Front Court" magazine (see p. 18).

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